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What is a Short Detention Order?

A Short Detention Order (SDO) is an order which requires that the offender be detained in prison for a period not exceeding 14 days. Based on the circumstances of the […]

Posted on 11 April 2019

What is a Community Service Order?

A Community Service Order (CSO) can be imposed on offenders for reformation and for them to make amends to the community by performing unpaid community service under the supervision of […]

Posted on 10 April 2019

What is a Day Reporting Order?

A Day Reporting Order (DRO) is administered by the Singapore Prison Service and requires the offender to report to a day reporting centre for monitoring, counselling and to undergo rehabilitation […]

Posted on 9 April 2019

What is a Mandatory Treatment Order?

A Mandatory Treatment Order (MTO) directs an offender suffering from certain treatable psychiatric conditions to undergo psychiatric treatment for a period of no longer than 24 months. Before deciding to […]

Posted on 8 April 2019

What are some examples of Community-Based Sentences?

Some examples Community-Based Sentences include: Mandatory Treatment Order (MTO) – Through the Institute of Mental Health, MTOs provide treatment for offenders suffering from psychiatric conditions that had a contributory link […]

Posted on 5 April 2019

What are Community-Based Sentences?

Community-Based Sentences (CBS) are special types of sentencing options that give the Court more flexibility in sentencing. The Courts are given a broader range and variety of sentencing options for […]

Posted on 4 April 2019
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