What are some examples of Community-Based Sentences?

Posted under News Updates on 5 April 2019

Some examples Community-Based Sentences include:

  1. Mandatory Treatment Order (MTO) – Through the Institute of Mental Health, MTOs provide treatment for offenders suffering from psychiatric conditions that had a contributory link to the commission of the criminal offences and are susceptible to treatment.
  2. Community Service Order (CSO) – CSOs can be imposed on offenders for reformation, and for them to make amends to the community by performing unpaid community service under the supervision of an authorised officer.
  3. Day Reporting Order (DRO) – Administered by the Singapore Prison Service, DROs require an offender to report to a day reporting centre for monitoring, counselling, and to undergo rehabilitation programmes.
  4. Short Detention Order (SDO) – An offender can be detained in prison for a period not exceeding 14 days.

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