What is a Mandatory Treatment Order?

Posted under News Updates on 8 April 2019

A Mandatory Treatment Order (MTO) directs an offender suffering from certain treatable psychiatric conditions to undergo psychiatric treatment for a period of no longer than 24 months.

Before deciding to make an MTO, the Court will call for a report to be submitted by an appointed psychiatrist at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

You will have the option of appointing your own psychiatrist to make a report. The report made by your own psychiatrist must be submitted to the court-appointed psychiatrist who will take it into consideration. However, the report made by the court-appointed psychiatrist will be considered final and conclusive in its findings and a copy will also be extended to you.

Before making an MTO, the Court will also explain to you the purpose, effect and obligations of the order. Consequences of failing to comply with any of the obligations or conditions imposed will also be explained to you by the court

If the MTO is successfully completed, the criminal record will be considered ‘spent’ meaning that the offender is deemed to have no record of that conviction.

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